“The extraordinary does not occur in a smooth, ordinary way” (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

MCE-CONSULT AG launched itself with a new, integrated structure on January 1st, 2010. It is part  of the group which includes the performances of MCE-CONSULT, MCE-CONSULT AG and romica vertrieb Deutschland GmbH and sees itself as a full service provider on behalf of our customers.

Corporate history shows that a stand-alone company was founded in Essen as early October 1997. A special principle formed the basis of entrepreneurial  action from the very beginning – problems should not only be discussed, but solutions should be found.

In the wake of growing challenges in recent years, the MCE Group specializes in the needs of the construction industry, the plant and adjoining service areas and stands for a high degree of factual methodological expertise.

Relaibility, punctuality and constant  commitment come naturally to us. The experience  on which the MCE Group has been able to draw for over a decade in the various service areas is as diverse as the various sectors of the economy.

MCE-CONSULT AG – a team of approx 60 highly-educated, interdisciplinary employees with comprehensive practical experience. The cooperation of the different proferssionals (engineers, industrial engineers, traders) allows a view of things from many angles – and only in this way can new paths be taken.

The results of our work are always solutions that  go far beyond the “usual monotony”.

MCE-CONSULT AG – tailor-made developement.

We coordinate any action on an individual basis and to the specific needs of your business. We advice, develope and implement innovative, customized solutions for complex projects to their successful completion.

We also offer support with responsible and successful business management.

The guiding principle that nothing is impossible dictates everything we do.

Michael C. Eichner, Christoph Surmann
and the team of MCE-CONSULT AG