Contract management

An intelligent and structured contract management helps to minimize risk, reduces costs and makes operations in companies and projects transparent.

MCE-CONSULT AG helps you use the contract management in your company as an all-embracing steering tool, be it in an integrated or project-related manner.

Our achievements in this area include:

  • Experts’ reports,
  • Design and implementation of a central and effective contract management,
  • Optimization of existing contract management structures,
  • Assistance in contract design,
  • Risk assessments and risk minimization,
  • Care of the contractual negotiations between the purchaser and bidders to the point of contract conclusion,
  • Construction operation analyses of draft agreements,
  • Monitoring of contract changes and updates,
  • VOB & HOAI consulting,
  • Claim management for you as a constructor,
  • Defense of unjustified supplementary claims (“anti-claim management“) for you as a Client.