Quality, savety & environment management

“Building on success” does not just comprise the implementation of ideas and concepts as necessary, but achieving this by means of high quality standards, an eye for safety and environmentally-conscious economies. Decisive are the cost conditions and the time budgets – because they define the range of feasible standards.

Quality, safety and sustainability don’t need to be a random result. With appropriate quality, safety and environmental management, corporate and project objectives can be obtained and achieved systematically. We will help your company install an appropriate management system effectively and improve existing structures.

Specifically, our range of services includes:

  • Preparation and implementation of certification procedures,
  • Introduction of management systems, integration into existing management systems and continuative services after the introduction,
  • Optimization of existing quality, safety and environmental management systems,
  • Implementation of employee training,
  • Preparation and updating of manuals,
  • Description / documentation of the quality, safety and environmental management,
  • Development and creation of process models, forms, procedures and work instructions,
  • Intercession and cooperation with the relevant authorities certification agencies,
  • Applying for appropriation.

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The focus of our consulting services in detail: