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MCE -CONSULT AG supports you also in all international construction projects with professional consulting and project control services. The expertise gained in international projects puts us in a position to reduce risks in the construction of new projects significantly. We provide planning & scheduling services, expert reports and contract management services, focused on claims. We also offer FIDIC trainings and contract management seminars. Key priorities are dispute avoidance and resolution services, accredited adjudication services and the contribution in dispute boards.

We relieve you in implementing your construction projects and offer in particular the following Services:

  • Planning & scheduling services: development, review and update of schedules to the actually relevant circumstances of the project.
  • Dispute avoidance & resolution services: technical and commercial contract risk analysis, development of methods of dispute resolution. In addition, we provide support services in mediation and conciliation.
  • Adjudication: adjudication procedure lead to quick decisions and allow a short-term continuation of the project. More
  • Dispute Boards: when Parties disagree, they can revert to expert recommendations. Dispute Boards make rapid problem solving possible. They are formed at contract beginning.
  • Expert reports: judicial, arbitral or private opinion on disputes in construction, plant construction and operation performance issues.
  • Contract management, claim mangement & supplement management. More
  • FIDIC trainings: individual trainings in the field of commercial and technical performance of the contract. Focus: contract administration, claims preparation and defence. More
  • Contract management seminars: individual courses, in order to recognize all contract requirements and to communicate accordance with the contract with all project involved. More
  • Quality, savety & environment management. More

International Division is managed by Dipl.-Ing. Robert Werth

Robert Werth is experienced in international construction business and engineering projects: industrial plants, water treatment and water purification plants, chemical and waste treatment facilities, ports, gas production, turbines and operational services.

Mr Werth is a registered Adjudicator and FIDIC International Accredited Trainer with extensive know-how in terms of Red, Yellow, Silver, Gold and White Books and international EPC and BOT Contracts. Robert Werth has successfully participated in major international projects in Armenia, Austria, Botswana, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Ghana, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Russia, Rwanda, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tanzania, Turkey, Uganda and Ukraine.

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