Rail construction

The environment „rail constructions” entails a variety of special features regarding the construction process itself and construction performance. These special features lead to higher requirements to project administration and construction supervision.

In addition to standard construction services more complex tasks are increasingly being transferred to railway contractors. This increase of service leads to a shift of risks: but not only planning tasks are added, also services in construction site safety as well as entire supply and its disposal of various building materials are changing the risk allocation towards the contractors.

The entire tendering procedure including the requirements for pre-qualification, evaluation, programmes, invoicing, change management and claims makes the life of professionals in rail constructions more complicated, and each year worse.

Requirements on those experts involved in rail projects are shifted more and more to the topics construction law, liability, contract administration and interface management. Additionally different interests and viewpoints of the parties have to be observed. Nowadays a project leader has to know about administrative structures, laws, processes and political structures including the involvement of citizens. This knowledge is part of the requirements a project leader has to handle – before, during and after finishing the construction process.

MCE -CONSULT AG has a pool of qualified experts with multi-years of experience in railway construction, which can assist in successful implementation of your construction project, tailored to your actual needs.

MCE-CONSULT AG offers specialized services in this context:

Billing and Quantity Survey

„Liquidity is the life blood“. On request we provide rail experienced quantity surveyors and assist you with your measurement and invoicing.  You may make use of our expertise and keep your managers on their expertise.

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