Claim- & supplement management

According to DIN 69901-5, claim management includes “monitoring, evaluation, decision, documentation and the control of the implementation in the project compared to the previous general plan”. For example, changes and their economic consequences may result from contract, stakeholder or process management.

In the event of disruptions to planning and construction processes, we assume the identification and the enforcement of your claims for extension of construction time and costs, which can be invoked in the context of an additional claim under §2 / part B of the German Construction Contract Procedures (VOB).

For us, claim management doesn’t start when concrete demands are made. The course is set at the very beginning of a project, in the course of drafting and negotiation of contracts.

Right from the start of the project implementation, we offer you expert assistance in all matters of claim and supplement management.

Our services for your company as a contractor:

  • Analyses and elaboration of potential supplements (disrupted construction processes, contractual basics, correspondence, schedule control, daily progress reports etc.),
  • substantive and strategic preparation for the implementation of supplementary demands,
  • Compose reports and construction management comments,
  • Support negotiating and / or conduct negotiating,
  • Schedule control and timely processing,
  • Change documentation accompanying construction works,
  • Preparation of necessary correspondence.

In the spirit of “anti-claim management” we support you as a purchaser with the consistent defense of unjustified claims. Our services include, for example:

  • Optimization of construction documentation for the rejection of claims.
  • Plausibility check for contractor claims, including claims for additional costs, e.g. assessment of additional costs for foundations and height.
  • Negotiation support and management.

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