Welcome to the MCE-CONSULT AG

“To achieve the possible, one must persist in attempting the impossible” (Hermann Hesse)

Construction has become a matter conscience – because construction projects are often characterized by substantial investment and a large number of uncertainties and risks.

Careful planning and optimal and efficient project controlling becomes all the more essential in order to master the complex requirements.

MCE-CONSULT AG cares, allowing you to execute complex construction projects professionally und investment-safe.

No construction project is like another – we know that. We offer specialized services under one roof, comprising the entire value chain of construction and beyond. Even after the planning and execution phase, you need to realize your project with a reliable partner which helps you achieve what is possible.

We not only advice you, but we help you to put your plans into practice – throughout all phases of your project. In addition, we help you cope with day-to-day and specific business challenges. You determine the scope.

A particular focus of our activities lies in the preparation of experts’ reports on the enforcements of claims arising from altered or disrupted construction processes. Current German legislation makes high demands on contractors in this regard, who wants to claim additional costs as a result of faulty or  altered construction progresses. So the facts from which the claims are derived, have  to be argued as precisely as possible. In addition to a detailed treatment of the construction progress, one of these is a detailed account of the impact on the planned construction process. We know our business and we’re happy to help you.

Of course, at this point we can only give a first impression of our performance. Therefore, we suggest you to test us. Then you can decide whether we should be a constant companion in managing your business every day.

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